Friday, March 18, 2011

Bon Voyage!

I originally posted a different picture, then realized I had already posted it last September. I needed something tropical to post, since we're leaving for a cruise tomorrow! I've been so excited, given all that the past year has brought. I can't wait! I should be packing now, but I'm a procrastinator, so I'd rather wait until the last minute so I get to experience the panic of not having enough time to think clearly while I pack.

This is a private island right off of Key West that I took on our last cruise in 2009. I plan to live there one day, since it's only accessible by boat. Until that day comes (i.e. I win the lottery), I'll settle by taking cruises & beach trips.

Besides the obvious reasons for being excited, I'm really looking forward to all the photo ops I'll have! See you in a week.

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