Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feeding An Addiction

Over the Christmas holiday, my husband & daughter got me hooked on Showtime's Dexter. I was quickly sucked in and the three of us went back & watched all episodes starting with Season 1 to the end of the current Season 5 (oh Lumen!).

With their birthday's being in January, I still had Dexter on the brain. I happened to come across a blog featuring pictures of cakes people made to celebrate the beginning of Season 5 and with that... my mind was set. Since her 1st birthday, we've always had some sort of theme for the cake. Here's the cake that we had to celebrate her turning 14.

For Dexter fans, you know I had to be as accurate as I possibly could:

Luckily the friend's that were over that night are just as sick as we are. :-)

Note: Wow... in true Dexter form, I just made the same mistake John Lithgow made when accepting the Emmy for his role on Dexter in Season 4. He thanked HBO... before I added the link above to the show, I also said "HBO's Dexter". OOPS!

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