Monday, July 5, 2010

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

Ok, so it wasn't quite midnight. Actually, it was dusk.

My sister rode along with her boyfriend while he played a few holes of golf on the course that's behind my parent's house. At the 15th hole, he started to tee off and he heard a whistle. He looked around, regained his focus to tee off, and heard it again. It was the typical cat call whistle and they both looked around to figure out who was out there messing with them. After a while, they finally saw it...
There were two parrots, actually, just hanging out in a tree. And yes, of course she called me at my Mom's to tell my daughter to come see them and yes, of course I came rushing in the golf cart, my camera in hand.

The tree was close to a house on the golf course, so they were obviously someone's pets, but it was still pretty cool to see two parrots just hanging out like that. We whistled at them  and they would whistle back. As we enjoyed the unusual sight, we noticed something else...

My guess is that this guy thought he would be eating good that night. Gorgeous, but pure evil. I'm pretty convinced that cats are out to destroy the human race.

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